Meet Odellia Firebird

Mother of the Legends

The Creator of "The Daughter of Flames Chronicles", Odellia is the mistress of a multitude of inter-connected Arts:

* Writer
* Filmmaker
* Photographer
* Actress
* Graphic Artist
* Model

Odellia is hard working, passionate, sensitive and wise. Being good and doing good is important to her, which is reflected in the stories she writes. "If we are not beacons of light ourselves, who will fight the darkness?" she asks.

I am a train that will never stop moving forward. You can hop onboard or get out of my way!
Odellia Firebird

The Daughter of Flames Chronicles

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Bootstrapped Written & Produced Movies

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The Return of Legends

The Legends are Coming and they Need Your Help

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They heard. They came. What about you?

Never give up, never surrender!
Buzz Lightyear

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