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The Tales and Rants of Odellia Firebird

The Definition of Success

"Happiness is a Choice", "Life is a journey", and "If you Believe it, it Will Come True", are sayings you keep hearing, but are any of them true? It's easy to blame the lack of success on not believing and trying enough, but there's quite a lot of luck involved in succeeding. However, we only hear of the >1% of those who have achieved fame and not of the 99% of those who gave up.

Beauty is Confidence

In our modern days, surrounded by Hollywood excessive thinness and photoshopped magazines, it's easy to believe that that is true beauty. "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it as the truth", a propaganda concept which has many variations and origins through history. Fashion also depends on this. It dictates and repeats the same concepts of beauty everywhere and most buy into it. Need proof? Look at the million dollar industry based on it.

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