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Beauty is Confidence

In our modern days, surrounded by Hollywood excessive thinness and photoshopped magazines, it's easy to believe that that is true beauty. "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it as the truth", a propaganda concept which has many variations and origins through history. Fashion also depends on this. It dictates and repeats the same concepts of beauty everywhere and most buy into it. Need proof? Look at the million dollar industry based on it.

In truth, beauty comes from within. If you are confident, assertive, and know your worth, you will exhume an energy that people will gravitate to. I would know, I learned to play that game. I was this extremely shy kid that dared not open her mouth. I hated speaking and felt awful, trying to grab other's attention, and no one wanted to be my friend because of it.

Now, you can see me talk to everyone and anyone and grab their attention with my words and my smile. I will actually credit part of that skill to the Toast Masters. I took some sessions, learning their approach to grabbing attention and pitching your ideas, and it helped me step up my game. Getting over being shy took years of work and getting a sense of humour was key in this. You have to learn to laugh at everything, including people trying to insult you.

If you can learn to laugh about yourself, the beast that are bullies, will have no teeth. If you feel good about yourself and embrace your imperfections, no one will be able to touch you. Quite the opposite, people will gravitate towards you because everyone wants to hang around those who are positive.

The most flagrant proof of this was my last trip in Cannes. People were nice to me everywhere I went, nicer than I had ever experience in my life. I think one of the biggest factor was the fact that I was happy for the first time while going to one of these events. The second factor was, Cannes brought people who want to be there.

Most of those whom I went to film school with, did it for an easy grade or because their parents wanted them to choose something and this was an easy way out. Too few were there because they were passionate about the Art. Also, I don't think Canadians are as nice as people think they are, but that is another story.

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