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Stay Positive

There is a lot of noise out there that might set you astray from your path. God knows I am not above getting hurt by stupid comments out there because they make themselves heard a lot more than those who appreciate you.

It's a fact of life. People who like you, will forget to say it out loud. They figure out that you know this or it simply won't come up in conversation. So if anyone tells you "you're awesome", make sure they know you appreciate them because you don't want to lose those friendships.

I look up sometimes what people say about me and my writing online. The bad usually stands out more. It's probably why fake news is so easy for most people to believe. Somehow it's in people's nature to believe the awful rather than the positive. So people will give more attention to the negative comments, contributing to this nasty circle. If people didn't give that much attention to the negative, people wouldn't write these things as much right? Much like bullies, these people thrive on attention and getting a reaction out of others.

That's why you have to choose to focus on the positive, in the same way you have to choose to be happy. It's choosing to see the good that you have rather than the bad.
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